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We will:

Affirm the human dignity of all people in and visiting Idaho by encouraging and reinforcing respectful treatment of one another.

Communicate that we will not tolerate hate in our state.

Increase awareness and understanding of diversity issues and what it takes to be truly inclusive.

Raise the level of sensitivity toward cultural and other differences amongst all people living in or visiting Idaho.

Motivate coalition members to be engaged in fulfilling the charter.

Achieve positive press regarding Idaho's image of inclusiveness, both inside and outside the state.

Become viewed as a State where people from all sectors have come together to create an inclusive environment, free from prejudice and discrimination.
It is not your environment; It is not your history; It is not your education or ability; It is the quality of your mind that predicts your future. – Author – Dr. Benjamin Mays
To foster a diverse community in which all people flourish!
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